Mirror Windows to Reflector

To mirror your Windows computer to another computer, you will need AirParrot 3 in addition to Reflector 3. 

Follow the steps below to mirror your Windows computer to Reflector 3:

Step 1

Be sure your computer is on the same network as the computer that has Reflector 3 installed.

Step 2

Launch Reflector 3 on the computer you wish to mirror to.

Step 3

On the computer you wish to mirror, you will need to install and launch AirParrot 3.

Step 4

Locate the AirParrot 2 icon and select it.

Step 5

Clicking the AirParrot 2 icon will present a list of available receivers.

Step 6

Select the computer running Reflector 3. 

Step 7

Your screen will begin mirroring.

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