Understanding the recording preferences

Reflector 3 dynamically records connected devices with a number of settings.

Recording Mode

Recording Background

Recording Background - Change the background color of recordings. This is the color shown around the edges and in the background of mirrored screens.

Recording Resolution

Multiple resolutions are available. Your device(s) will be recorded with a background that fills this resolution. The device will not stretch to fit this area.

  • 4K - 3840x2160 (Note: 4K recordings require processing power and can take significantly longer to save.)
  • 1080P - 1920x1080
  • 720P - 1280x720
  • 480P - 704x480
Recording Quality

Recording Quality - Save recordings at various quality levels. The higher the level, the better the image and the larger the file size.

  • Very Low - Pixelation with very low file size
  • Very High - Crystal clear and sharp with very large file size

Recording FPS - Adjust the frame rate of the recording.

  • 15 FPS
  • 24 FPS
  • 29.97 FPS
  • 30 FPS
  • 60 FPS

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