Use Quick Connect to mirror a Chromebook to Reflector using a Quick Connect Code

AirParrot for Chrome OS supports Quick Connect Codes within Reflector 3. This is an easy way to display Chromebooks on another computer. This process is extremely handy in situations where networks don't support multicast traffic like Bonjour and mDNS.

Using Quick Connect Codes is easy. Follow this process to begin mirroring.

First you'll need to open Reflector 3 menu and find your Quick Connect Code.

Your QuickConnect Code will be displayed under the computer's name in the Reflector 3 menu:

Next, launch AirParrot for Chrome OS

Once you've launched AirParrot, you'll be prompted with the AirParrot window. This window usually contains a list of available devices. It will also contain a Quick Connect field.

Enter the Quick Connect Code from Reflector and press Connect.

You will need to select the desktop window and click Share.

Once you press Share, your Chromebook screen should appear on your computer. It's that easy. 

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