Bulk deploy AirParrot for Chrome OS

AirParrot for Chrome OS was designed to work great with large organizations. It can be deployed like any other application from the Chrome Management Console. This Google Help document explains the deployment process in greater detail.

(The required ID and URL will be provided by the Sales Team)

AirParrot in the Chrome Web Store is a trial that can be purchased later. 

To unlock the full version for your users you can do the following. 

Step 1

Purchase in bulk through our sales team. This form will help you quickly contact our sales team.

Step 2

Once you've purchased, deploying licenses to users is easy. We created a special management portal that allows you to add, remove and edit user licenses. You can add users individually or upload an export from the Chrome Management Console. 

Access to this portal is provided with the purchases of bulk licenses through our sales team. 

Chrome OS licenses are user based and not computer based. You will need a license for each user who has access to AirParrot for Chrome OS. The licenses move with the user to any Chromebook they log into.

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