How to ensure entire gif animation is displayed

Ditto's digital signage function will allow uploading gif files as a signage item to display on a Ditto receiver. When uploading a gif as an item, you will need to adjust the display duration to ensure the entire gif animations are displayed before moving to the next item in the list. 


Uploading an MP4 file will display the item in a loop on the receiver. No duration needs to be adjusted for .mp4 items. For more information on the media layout please click here.

To upload a gif as a digital signage item please follow the instructions below: 

Step 1: Select the existing list or create a new list then select "New Item" 

Step 2: Choose the "Media Layout" 

Step 3: Select "Browse Files" or drag and drop the file to start the upload process 

Step 4: Select your file then select "Upload" and "Save Item" 

Step 5: Once the item has completed building and a preview is available, please select "Back" to see the item added to the list

Step 6: Select the dropdown menu for the duration of the item and adjust the time the item will display

Step 7: Select "Save List"